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About Us


"A Shared Thirst for Knowledge"

What do an entomologist, a microbiologist, and a health psychologist have in common? 

Quite a bit, as it turns out.  Let us introduce ourselves –the somewhat unlikely team behind Ti Tonics.

Why unlikely?  Because at first glance, we appear a somewhat disparate bunch.  Peter and Andy are archetypal academics; complete with beards, sensible shoes and scruffy sweatervests.  Tracey, on the other hand is all blonde highlights and high heels.  The contrasts don’t end there, either.  The guys are ‘hard’ scientists, used to taking samples, measuring amoebas and that sort of thing.  Dr. King, on the other hand, obtained her PhD in health psychology.  So what on earth compelled us to team up on - of all things – a new beverage business? Well the truth is we have more in common than first appears.

A true scientist is after all simply someone who is naturally inquisitive and wants to uncover new truths, hopefully ones that are useful or somehow improve or enrich our world.  Back in 2006, Tracey was searching for research partners who could help her design a truly functional health beverage – and was pointed in the direction of the guys from BioDiscovery NZ Ltd by a helpful industry colleague. 

Within minutes of meeting, we realized that we shared a vision to create new, scientifically advanced products that both meet consumer needs and make a difference.  Peter and Andy were themselves full of ideas for health-oriented consumer products, but were too busy running their long-established research business to venture into the world of consumer goods.  

So, we decided to team up with dynamic beverage entrepreneur James Ehau.  By combining our very different knowledges and skillsets we hope to bring to you truly innovative health products – and now our first venture - Ti Tonics - is born.  We hope it’s just the first of many – guess that’s largely up to you, our audience, to decide!



Dr Yeap Foo is a senior research scientist at Industrial Research with an international reputation as a world leader in the chemistry and structures of plant polyphenols particularly the proanthocyanidins.  

In 2008 Dr Foo was awarded the Marsden Medal by the NZ Association of Scientists in recognition for his outstanding service to science including his research identifiying bioactive compounds with significant health benefits in a range of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Foo has been our expert consultant in developing Ti Tonics and is available to answer your questions; just email  [email protected]

Below is a video of some of the work that Dr.Foo is involved with:
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