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Super low sugar



Whether you are watching your waistline, worried about diabetes, or even take the more controversial view that sugar in general is toxic, there is no doubt that many of us are now looking to reduce our daily intake of sugar.  At the same time, we don't like the idea of putting nasty artificial chemicals in to our precious bodies.  At Ti Tonics we have been working away for some time now to come up with the perfect solution - and are proud to announce that our range of delicious drinks now contain just very small quantities of sugar - but are still 100% natural!  To achieve this we are using a special blend of two plant sweeteners: stevia and erythritol.


Stevia is a plant from South America which is much sweeter than sugar, but adds no calories as it can't be absorbed by our bodies; we just experience the sweet taste but with no glycaemic impact.  Erythritol also has no glycaemic impact; it is one of a group of organic sugar substitutes found in the fibres of many fruits and vegetables..others in the group include xylitol, or sorbitol which are often used in sugarfree gum etc.  We've chosen erythritol though as it is much more gentle on your digestive system than xylitol, which can have a slightly laxative effect.  The result? Naturally delicious drinks that are totally guilt-free!  Its more expensive for us, but we think you're worth it :)


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